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The On3 Performance Brand

On 3 Performance was started in 2007 with a motivation to develop a turbo system for the Foxbody Mustang. Nearly 18 years later, we have almost 50 different turbo kits stocked ranging from Mustangs to Camaros to even pickup trucks. We keep a very lean business model to focus on keeping our turbo kits affordable to most while maintaining great quality. At On 3 Performance we cater to almost anyone, whether you are building a 12 second street car or a fully built street/strip application shooting for 7-8 second E.T’s, we have you taken care of. We have countless cars in the 10’s and 9's, many into the 8’s, elite groups into the 7’s and even a couple in the 6's with our products. Give us a call and let us help you reach your goal.

Turbocharging is a great technology and it is somewhat foreign to a lot of customers calling us. Many guys have used spray or a variety of the superchargers on the market these days. Turbos on the other hand have not been all that common besides for racing applications so we are working on bringing that to the mainstream. Nowadays it's not uncommon to setup a customer with one of our turbo systems and expect 1000+ hp while maintaining creature comforts. Our shop cars and trucks fall in this category, we have a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 running our production Coyote twin turbo system. This car is roughly a little over 1000hp at the crank figuring a 15% drivetrain loss. Watch the videos showing the smooth idle, drivability and still while retaining all accessories. Not many cars you can drive to the track, run a low 9 second pass and drive home with your A/C blowing cold. Same goes for our 2019 F-150 that packs 1,037hp to the tire and keeps all factory funtions.

Each and every year we will be bringing new kits to the market and always stay tuned for what is new and next. We look forward to what the future brings and hope to get the chance to be part of your next build.


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