(1987 - 1993) Mustang LSX Swapped Foxbody Single Turbo System

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We are proud to announce the release of the GM LSX engine swapped foxbody single turbo system that has been in the works for over a year now. The systems have been selling and shipping for months now without any advertising to this point. We have not had a chance to get them on our website so we are getting them listed up here for the mean time. Personally we have been a little weird about this swap and didnt like to see the LS engines getting tossed into the foxbody's. After working on the donor car however, views changed fast and got excited about the project. The LSX engine has a lot of room in the engine bay, very simple to work on, and has great power potential. They respond excellent to boost, have great longevity, and will be reliable at fairly high HP. With that being said, lets cover some of the kit details. We followed the design of our already popular fox 5.0 system and placed the turbo in the same relative location. The headers are constructed of 304 stainless steel and made from thick wall 1 3/4" tubing. The On 3 Performance 3.5" stainless stepped downpipe will support basically whatever power you try to throw at it (Up to 1000hp~). The cold side is ran from 3" 6061 aluminum, all bead rolled and finished with a mirror polishing. Its also pre-welded with the 50mm blow off valve flange for a quick and easy installation. Every system comes standard with our On 3 Performance 800hp bar and plate intercooler and we stock upgrades to our 1000hp 4" race core intercooler for $89. The couplers are all black, 5 ply, and only use stainless steel t-bolt clamps which are included. This will allow for the most clamping force around the tubing for a blow-proof seal. The On 3 LSX Foxbody turbo system is going to come standard with the 70mm journal bearing unit. This is a great intro turbo for those looking to keep around 500 rwhp but if your looking to go beyond this, we have a number of turbo upgrades possible. 

***Please note, we have been running into issues with customers attempting to run UPR and QA1 K members with the kit. Team Z and AJE and Maximum Motorsports fit without a problem along with the stock k member being in place even. 

When running the Maximum Motorsports Kmember use:

Maximum Motorsports 4.6/Coyote/LS Swap frame with solid UPR adjustable "4.6 to LS” motor mounts.  In the engine farthest forward adjustment slots.