(2005-2010) Mustang GT 4.6 3v Single Turbo System

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This is the 3rd turbo system that we developed and have sold it ever since with great results. It has been a popular application as its one of the easiest turbo systems that we sell to install. Its designed around all of the factory suspension so this is a major plus. You keep great ride quality even on a car that might be lowered 1.25-1.50". As you may know, the 96-04 mod motor kits require a tubular k-member to clear the turbo plumbing. We include with each kit the On 3 Performance 70mm turbocharger rated to 700hp and has proven its performance and reliability over the years. The very first On 3 Performance 70mm turbocharger is still on our 2002 2v GT shop car and going strong, 20,000+ miles and still racking them up on a daily basis. As far as drivability, the car drives down the street like it was before the turbo install. 90-degree day you can crank the a/c, put the windows up and drive in comfort. There is no cooling issues associated what so ever with the kit installed as many ask. We understand the logic as you are adding more exhaust pipes under the hood but it will not effect the cooling system. We drive our shop turbo cars daily from 0 degree days to rare 100 degree days, nothing changed from when the cars were stock but the horsepower. That's the great thing, the hp gains are unlimited and you don't lose the creature comforts by installing the turbo kit. As you see, we went above and beyond with this kit and the its very detailed. We had all laser cut brackets for your intercooler mounting, sway-bar relocation, turbo support brace, and power steering reservoir relocation. You will receive a very detailed hardware kit to make life easy and make the install go that much smoother. On a factory stock 4.6l 3v engine, you can expect to make up to 475rwhp with around 8psi on this kit. The turbo included with this kit is capable of making well past that power level however the stock bottom end will not hold much more. Most tuners will set these cars up around 450-475rwhp and that is the limit of the factory internals. We have had customers with our single turbo system up to the 900rwhp range with other turbo upgrades and supporting mods. So that shows you the range and potential you will have with our turbo system.