(2005-2013) Corvette C6 Dual Radiator Rear Mount Cooling System Upgrade

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This is the complete cooling kit:

Front Heat Exchanger & Rear Custom Radiator/Shield/Fan, 20AN Black Nylon braided line and Fittings. Details on this kit, its setup for -20 fittings and lines to plumb everything up. We ran a factory water pump on the engine and a Davies Craig pump in the rear. If you had an electric pump on the engine side you could possibly get away with just one pump. However with the stock pump up front it doesn't move enough water at idle speeds. As you will notice we are using 2 cores. Note that all of our testing, we are maintaining a hood on the car and driving during 80-90 degree summer days. This is the most demanding temperature for these cars. I had periods of time on the highway I would drop down into the mid 160's just during cruising. This kit does not include an electric water pump. However there is a drop down listed below for the guys wanting to add it so its exactly how ours was. If you have been waiting for the only proven solution that we have tested now for years and finally put into production, this is your time to buy. I have these kits stocked and we are ready to fill the orders.