(2006-2022) Dodge Challenger / Charger / Chrysler 300 / Magnum Mid-Mount Twin Turbo System - Oil-less Billet Turbo Option

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  • Type Turbo Kit
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU HEMI-1

2006-2014 Hemi 5.7 / 6.1 / 6.4 MID-Mount Twin Turbo System

**OIL-LESS, Billet Center Section, Billet Wheel Turbo available as an option**

This system will fit the Charger, Challenger, 300c, and Magnum

If you are looking to build the ultimate sleeper, look no further. We have worked diligently to bring a reliable, power adding solution to the hemi market! The turbos out of the box have proven to support anywhere from 400 wheel all the way up to 1000+ rear wheel horsepower for the built engine guys. We have tested our system on a stock engine 5.7l Charger to show the reliability of these kits with a proper tune. 500hp on 93 octane fuel or 91 octane with meth is easily achievable and reliable for these cars. This kit was designed using factory 5.7L manifolds, if you have a 5.7L charger, challenger, 300c, or magnum this will bolt directly up to your stock manifolds. If you have a 6.1L or 6.4L, you will need to either purchase a set of stock 5.7l manifolds or upgrade to our shorty header option below. 5.7L guys can use these same manifolds as an upgrade to the stock ones as well.

    POWER DETAILS: Our shop car was a bone stock high mileage wore out retired police car. We strapped it down first thing with no mods making a modest 326hp/357tq. We then bolted on our twin turbo kit using a pair of our new oil-less 55mm turbos. A set of 60lb Siemens deka injectors and installed one of our On3 320lph fuel pumps. This took our old tired cop car to 507hp/553tq. This is barely scratching the surface of the turbo kits potential. This was accomplished at only 6psi of boost 

    On3 Base Kit: This is going to be our base kit, this will come with a pair of Gt30 turbos. These are capable of over 700 crank hp on these engines. These are designed to pair perfectly to the stock engine guys looking to be in the wide range of 400hp-600hp to the wheels. This is going to require you to upgrade the fuel pump and injectors. We will have the options below for you to add the necessary fuel upgrades. We recommend a set of our Siemens deka 60lb injectors and a 340lph fuel pump.

    On3 Kit Upgrades: This is going to be for the guys with a Built engine, or plans to build an engine. This would be 700- 1100hp capable. Upgrade to Our gen 2 Oil less 67mm billet wheel turbos, and 4" intercooler in the drop downs. This is going to require you to do a full fuel system. Fuel rails, fuel pump upgrades, AN line upgrade, boost reference regulator, and injectors. These items are going to vary depending on your power goals and fuel type for guys running e85 vs c16 or even methanol in some cases. We offer injectors all the way from 60lb-210lb for these cars and many in between. We also carry 340, 450 and 525 fuel pumps.    

   Hotside Details: This design uses either the stock 5.7L manifolds or our upgraded shorty header option as well. From there we provide two 2.5" schedule 10 stainless pipes that go from the manifold to the turbos with 44mm wastegate provisions and our t3 vbanded inlet flange. From the turbos back we provide you with two 3.0" downpipes that go back into the stock exhaust. 

    Coldside Details: This kit will come standard with our tried and true 3" intercooler. There will be options below to upgrade to the 4" as well. From there we have custom fitted aluminum bead rolled intercooler piping going from the turbos to the intercooler and then up to the throttle body. We provide an Intake air temp sensor bung in there as well for tuning purposes. This will use a thread in style sensor, if you would like to run ours Opt for the check box below. All tied together using On3's 5 ply silicon couplers and stainless t-bolts. This system is fitted with an On3 50mm BOV as well to make sure you have no compressor surge.

   Key Features: This kit is one of the easiest kits to install that we've ever designed. It allows you to keep all your factory amenities like ac, power steering, etc. The kit does not require you to move any wiring or anything. It is truly a bolt on kit. With this upgrade and proper supporting mods, you can net 181hp/196ft tq over stock on only 6lbs of boost. It's almost too easy and the install is one of the easiest to accomplish when it comes to a twin turbo install! Especially if you choose the Oil less turbos.

Kit includes:

  • 2x On 3 Performance Turbos of your choice
  • 2x On 3 44mm Wastegates
  • On 3 Performance Aluminum 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • 2x 304 Stainless pre turbo pipes
  • 2x 304 ss Downpipes and Dumptubes
  • Complete Aluminum Coldside Tubing Set (Bead Rolled Ends)
  • Coupler and Tbolt Clamp set
  • 2x 3.0" Vband Clamps
  • 2x t3 inlet Vband Clamps
  • Coolant cooled turbo lines and fitting kit
  • On 3 3" Intercooler