(2009 - 2017) Ram 1500 / 2500 T4 Single Turbo Truck System

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On 3 Performance Ram 1500 / 2500 Single Turbo Truck System


The wait is finally over on the Ram truck kit! We have done extensive testing with our truck to try to bring you an affordable bolt on power adder kit. Our base kit will start out with the proven On3performance 7875 turbo charger. We put this into testing with our truck on a 100% stock engine making just over 500hp/540ft on 93 octane and a conservative tune to start. Then we poured in the E85 and made 560hp/600ft on only 7lbs of boost. This all on 100% bone stock engine and our base kit. This is where we feel comfortable as a good stopping point for a stock engine with stock ring gaps. This is 234hp over our bone stock baseline! After having enough fun we decided to test the T6 version of our kit with the proper parts. We swapped in a Flyin Ryan Performance camshaft and drop in piston and rod combo. With our T6 80mm Billet Wheel turbo and we made 722hp on only 9.5lbs of boost. This combo is 1000hp capable! This kit is designed to retain all factory amenities. Works with factory AC. For some of you guys with power goals above 500hp you will need a more free flowing exhaust. Each kit will include a cutout provision in the downpipe with a block off flange. If you would like an electronic cutout it is listed below in the upgrades section. We opted for this route to benefit the guys that drive their trucks daily. With the cutout closed it remains tame and comfortable.

   Supporting Mods: To reach the horsepower goals this kit is capable of offering you will need to upgrade the fuel system, map sensor at minimum. These are kits we offer here as an upgrade to you but are not included in the kit due to the fact that some of you already have some upgrades you've done previously. Our truck was tested using our fuel system that is designed to put our twin 320lph fuel pumps and billet holder in the stock basket. From there we give you the fittings and line to run -8an fuel line for the feed and the return that includes our inline fuel filter that uses a stainless element that can be ran with regular gas or e85. This also comes with the fuel pressure regulator with a mounting bracket to bolt to the stock 5.7 intake, a fuel pressure gauge and your choice of injectors depending on the power goal and fuel type you plan to run.

For any questions on sizing you can email on3performance.bob@gmail.com or call the shop at 614-439-0057

 Kit Includes:

  • Complete Stainless 304 crossover with v-band connections
  • Custom Stainless Downpipe from 3 to 3.5", T6 is 4"
  • Custom Stainless casted Turbo Manifold
  • Complete Cold side, 6061 polished aluminum 2.5"- 3", all bead rolled. T6 Kit is all 3"tubing
  • On 3 78mm Journal Turbocharger
  • On 3 60mm v-banded wastegate
  • On 3 50mm Blow off valve
  • On 3 3" intercooler * upgrades available*
  • On 3 Performance 5 ply silicon couplers (Black) and stainless t-bolt clamps
  • SS v-band clamps
  • Lap band clamp for turbo back tubing
  • Custom laser cut, formed intercooler brackets and hardware
  • Complete oil feed/drain kit
  • Oil Sandwhich Plate
  • Cut-out block off plate
  • Installation Guide Disc- For use in computer only
  • This kit is a Flat Rate$189 to any location within the lower 48 States.
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Fuel System Upgrade- This upgrade is listed at the bottom of the check boxes. This will include two On3performance 320lph fuel pumps with our Billet Hanger and ram specific bracket to attach them to the factory fuel hat. All Black nylon Braided 8an fuel line, fuel filter and fittings necessary to hook to a set of stock ram fuel rails and a On3performance Boost reference fuel pressure regulator to make it a true return style system. Also will come with an installation guide.