(2011-2014) Mustang 5.0 Coyote Oil Filter Relocation Kit

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  • Type Oil Filter Relocation
  • Vendor On3 Performance
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This is a new product we developed to serve multiple purposes. First this was used on our shop car to make the filter easily accessible for filter changes. The added length of hose will allow the oil to cool slightly as well. If you wanted to add an external oil cooler, this will allow you to plumb one inline with your relocation system. You will just need additional AN line which you can find on our website (8an) is the size you will need. With how popular the 5.0 Coyote engine platform is these days, so many people are swapping them into new chassis. Often times you will have interference with the filter. This is a simple solution to keep your filter out of the way. Not to mention for the turbo guys wanting to route tubing forward and need that added clearance. Added benefits:

  • Extra port 1/4"npt to feed Turbo, Blower or other oiling needs
  • Easy filter access
  • No mess oil changes
  • 5.0 swap cars added clearance
  • Helps keep oil cooler
  • Simple to plumb external cooler if desired

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