(2011-2023) Ford Mustang GT 5.0 CNC Billet Fuel Hat

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  • Type Fuel Tank Hats
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On 3 Performance LLC

Mustang GT Double / Triple Pump Fuel Hat Designed For Return or Returnless Fuel Systems


    We were the first to offer a hat assembly for the Mustangs to allow multiple pumps to feed and have only one single feed line outlet. Our design starts with 4 solid billet 6061 chunk of aluminum and machined down to what you see here. This is where our setup is different from anything on the market currently. We designed the top portion as 2 pieces and machined the top so all fuel pumps would come out of 1 single port. Its more involved and labor intensive to do so but avoids any need for extra lines and Y-blocks. So you just have one simple line coming out of the hat to work forward no matter how many pumps you are running. Our fuel hat is designed to be ran with the 340 or 342 series pumps. A majority of our customers add a set of our On 3 Performance 320lph e-85 safe pumps to support about any power level. The 3rd pump really is not needed unless your over 1000hp or on e-85.

The great part of this design, you can also run it with a return or returnless system. We have a return port shown machined into each On3 fuel hat and if you choose to stay returnless, you just plug the-8an return port.

You will not find a better deal out on the market than what we are bringing to the Ford Mustang market. We run limited quantities of this item so don't miss out on your opportunity to save big with our proven race parts.


- (1) Billet Machined Mustang Fuel Hat

- (2)Billet o-ringed Custom Barbs To The Pumps

- (6) O-rings For Fuel Pump Base

If you are looking for a fuel solution that will not break the bank and keep the factory tank all intact, this is for you. You can easily support over 1200 rwhp even on e-85 with this system.