(2014-2019) C7 Corvette Low Mount Twin Turbo System

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  • Vendor On3 Performance
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2014-2019 C7 Corvette Low Mount Twin Turbo System

**OIL-LESS, Billet Center Section, Billet Wheel Turbos**

This system will fit the C7 Base, Grandsport and Z06 cars!

We have worked diligently to bring a reliable twin turbo kit to the C7 market! This kit uses our newest oil-less units to allow for a much cleaner and simple install. No more need for scavenge pumps and oil drain issues. The base 57mm turbos out of the box have proven to support anywhere from 500 wheel all the way up to 800 rear wheel horsepower. These are a great option for the base and grandsport. For the z06 guys that are maxing out the blower and looking to add power we recommend the upgraded 67mm Oil-Less units. Z06 and Built engine guys that want to make over 800 and some north of 1000hp these are going to be a great option.

POWER DETAILS: We have tested our system on a stock bottom end Z06 car. It just has a cam, valve springs, headstuds and mild port work to the stock heads. We wanted to run the car on e85 so we did a fuel pump upgrade and installed one of our port injection kits. We paired this with a BTR trinity intake and our Siemens Deka injectors. This combo made 986hp/780 ft lbs. on 18lbs of boost through the 8 speed auto with the converter unlocked. This car has been 4.3x 60-130 and drives anywhere and everywhere like a stock car. This same car previously with all the same engine mods with a ported stock blower and snout with long tubes made 800hp on 18lbs of boost. This is a 186hp gain on the same boost.

On3 Base Kit: This is going to be our base kit, this will come with a pair of GtXx30 57mm Billet wheel, Oil-Less turbos. These are capable of around 800 hp on these engines. These are designed to pair perfectly to the stock engine base model, grandsport guys looking to be in the wide range of 500hp-800hp to the wheels. This will require you to have the proper fuel upgrades to achieve these numbers.

On3 Kit Upgrades: This is going to be for the guys with a Built engine, or plans to build an engine. This would be 700- 1200hp capable. Upgrade to Our gen 2 Oil-Less 67mm billet wheel turbos in the drop downs. Depending on your power goals and fuel type used on e85 this will require an aux pump at minimum and we strongly suggest port injection past the 800hp levels. Some guys will use meth as a fuel adder, we prefer to use the port injection system to ensure each cylinder is fueled as evenly as possible. 

Hotside Details: This kit was designed using custom stainless cast log style manifolds, these allow the turbos to mount directly to the manifolds to feature an easier install. From there its 304 Stainless steel 3" downpipes off the turbos into a full 3" X pipe that will adapt to your stock over the axle pipes.

Coldside Details: This kit will come standard with our custom C7 intercooler, we specifically made this around the front of the car to use all the allotted space available. In testing we have had our car to 22lbs of boost out on the road with no IAT issues. This is somewhere around 1100 hp on 22lbs. From there we have custom fitted aluminum bead rolled intercooler piping going from the turbos to the intercooler and then up to the throttle body. We provide an Intake air temp sensor bung in there as well for tuning purposes. This will use a thread in style factory gm sensor. Also dual meth bungs in the pipe right before the throttle body for guys running meth kits and also the MAF provision in the 3.5" tube as well. All tied together using On3's 5 ply silicon couplers and stainless t-bolts. This system uses our On3 50mm BOV as well to make sure you have no compressor surge.

Key Features: This kit allows you to keep all your factory amenities like ac, power steering, etc. The kit does not require you to move any wiring or anything. It is truly a bolt on kit.

Kit includes:

  • 2x On 3 Performance Oil-Less Turbos of your choice
  • 2x On 3 44mm Wastegates
  • 2x 304 Stainless cast Manifolds
  • 2x 304 SS Downpipes and Dump tubes
  • Complete Aluminum Cold-side Tubing Set (Bead Rolled Ends)
  • 5 Ply Silicone Coupler Kit
  • T-bolt Clamp Kit
  • 2x 3.0 V-band Clamps
  • 2x t3 inlet V-band Clamps
  • Coolant cooled turbo lines and fitting kit
  • On 3 Bar and Plate Design custom c7 Intercooler
  • On 3 Performance Aluminum 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • 2x Shorty Air Filters

FOR THOSE OF YOU LOOKING FOR THE PORT INJECTION KIT TO ADD TO YOUR ORDER HERE IS THE LINK: https://www.on3performance.com/shop/on3-performance-c7-port-injection-kit/   VIDEOS BELOW!!