2015-2017 Mustang Eco-Boost Intercooler Upgrade w/ Giant 4" Cold Air Induction

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  We have been working on this project over the last 4-5 months and have the numbers we were after and rolling the product into production. This is the ultimate package for the Eco-Boost Mustang and yielded us with some of the best results seen to date. We are looking at releasing the full system around early September as of right now. The On 3 Performance Eco-boost Mustang intercooler kit with 4" cold air induction system has provided to be extremely efficient with a killer installed fit and finish. After rolling the car on the dyno, we were amazed to see that the air charge temps on a full dyno pull only would rise less than 10 degrees from the starting temperatures. Most instantly will think we were on an unloaded dyno or just a quick pull, that is not the case. We conducted all the pulls on a loaded Mustang Dyno and passes taking around 10 seconds per pull.   This is truly amazing date when you compare that the factory setup has been recorded over 200 degrees! With our setup, it was around 75 degree ambient temperature and the pull started at right over 80 degrees. The air charge temp never touch 90 degree's, that is simply outstanding when you understand what that does for the car. It would continuously add timing which in almost all cases, these cars will start pulling timing (losing power) as you run through the gears from such HOT iat's.   Our package is not simply just an intercooler that is thrown on the car and you call it a day. We have developed the intercooler from scratch, using one of our 3.5" core bar and plate design. Comes standard with our intercooler mount that is easy to install and bolt up very clean. Here is where our system is different, we didn't just call it a day with the intercooler, our packages come with everything. First to feed the turbo cooler air which is extremely important, we developed the MASSIVE 4" cold air induction system.  This provides the turbo fresh air from the inner fender well, crucial to keeping those iat's to the lowest temperature possible. Cooler the air, more oxygen there will be and that is going to equate to more horsepower. Coming out of the turbo, we developed an aluminum hard intercooler pipe set that takes the air from the turbocharger down to the new intercooler inlet and then all the way back up to the throttle body. So this is a complete system with all couplers, stainless steel t-bolt clamps, ready to install.   Every On 3 Performance intercooler package we have is paired up with our On 3 Performance 50mm blow off valve kit. The intercooler tubing is pre-welded for the valve and you simple run your vacuum line over to it and it is LOUD! Our test car was seeing just around 20psi on the dyno and sounded amazing. Overall the whole sound when driving is changed as you really hear the air suction when rolling the throttle. This is all due to the car being uncorked and really having a system that is able to breath without restriction. When the prototype test vehicle was picked up by the owner, before he was home we had an email stating the amount of torque when compared to it stock was amazing and you could physically feel the difference in power.