(2015-2017) On 3 Performance Complete Mustang GT 5.0 4v Coyote Fuel System

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Instead of having to make countless orders for fittings, lines, etc, we have a complete package deal to make the fuel system simple. This is a direct fit application for the 2015 - 2017 Mustangs and will simply your fuel system build immensely. With every system going out of our shop, we include our On 3 triple fuel pump hat along with a pair of our 320lph fuel pumps to support 1000hp. This is our brand new released fuel pumps which will support E-85 or standard Gasoline. When this system is installed, everything tucks away very nicely so you can have a factory finish. The best part is that you don't even hear them running. Sounds like you have a single pump upgrade which is great for the customer looking for an extremely clean install and a sleeper apperance. To elaborate a little more on our fuel hat, our new design starts with 4 solid billet 6061 chunks of aluminum and machined down to what you see. This is where our setup is different from anything on the market currently. We designed the top portion as 2 pieces and machined the top so all fuel pumps would come to one single port. Its a more clean design, eliminates the need for welding and avoids any need for extra lines / Y-blocks. So you just have one simple line coming out of the hat to work forward no matter how many pumps you are running. With each fuel hat we sell, you can choose to run either 1, 2, or 3 fuel pumps. That way you just simply plug the ports not being used and always have the option to upgrade down the road. So when you need that extra fuel requirement for more power, simply add the additional pump and your back in business. If you have ever built a fuel system, often times most people will use pipe threaded fittings whic is a MAJOR headache. In our system, we designed the entire kit around the On 3 Performance O-ring fittings. So no need for pipe tape, chasing leaks, and worrying about over-tightening and pulling threads. O-ring fittings are simple and easy to install, uses very little torque and allows for perfect seal. All of our fittings included in the kit will be anodized black which is great for use with E-85 and to prevent corrorsion. Moving forward from your On 3 fuel hat (10an supply line), all black anodized fittings, On 3 in-line fuel filter, Y-Block to feed fuel rails, and On 3 Performance 1:1 fuel regulator. We also include the complete return line kit(8an) and can be deleted if you are planning a returnless system. See pricing below for a complete list of items which can be deleted from the this kit for a discounted price. We also have other optional items that can be included to finish off your system if needed depending on the application      


  • On 3 Performance CNC Billet Fuel Hat Assembly  
  • On 3 Performance 320lph Fuel Pumps (2)
  • On 3 In-line Fuel Filter
  • On 3 Complete Fitting Kit, Anodized black
  • 10an Black Braided Feed Line
  • 8an Black Braided Feed / Return Line
  • On 3 Performance 1:1 Boost Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator    


In addition to our kit listed here, you will need a set of fuel rails to finish the system off. There is not a universal set of rails we can use for all applications so we leave the rail option up to the customer. We designed our kit around 8an o-ring inlet and outlets and plumb the kit to the front of the rails and out the back to the regulator. You will want to ensure you confirm this as we have the fittings in your kit setup for this design. If not, you will end up having to purchase additional fittings to complete the install.   We know people have some items purchased so we have a list below if you would like to delete any specific item.

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