8475 CHRA Turbocharger

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  • Type Turbochargers
  • Vendor On3 Performance

Has the time come that you would like to freshen up the turbocharger on your car? We have this complete replacement CHRA available when you are ready. This is designed to be used with the On 3 Performance 84mm turbochargers, Journal Bearing ONLY. When going this route, it makes for the quickest and most simple way to freshen up your combo. If you have some miles on your turbo and noticing a little excessive shaft play or maybe a little oil past a seal, this is a drop in replacement. That way you are not having to rebuild your factory unit and worry about someone else balancing. Cost of balancing a rebuilt turbocharger easily can exceed $125-150. Your getting a completely new turbo basically and not dealing with an older compressor wheel or compressor shaft.