Brisk High Boost Plugs- Coyote

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Please let us know in the notes what your application is (model year and motor), and whether you need high / medium / low boost plugs.

  Brisk spark plugs have been our go to plug in any car that we build here at On 3 Performance. The come ready to run and 9 times out of 10 you are not going to have to even gap them. Some of our most popular applications are the GM LSX cars, 4.6 Mustang 2v and 4v as well as the Coyote 5.0 platform. These are not the cheapest option but in our mind, they are the best option for you car. We have used them for several seasons in certain applications with e85 and they never let us down   Brisk's design provides an unrestricted and more spontaneous spread of the flame front which is achieved by:

  • Retracted ground electrode. Unlike conventional spark plugs, where the discharge is constrained by the ground electrode, Brisk Premium Spark Plugs utilize a design where the ground electrode is retracted so the spark discharge occurs at the very tip of the spark plug.

  • Utilizing hotter semi-surface spark discharge. It is easier (takes less energy) for a spark to glide along the surface of the insulator than to break through the air gap. Brisk Premium Spark Plugs take advantage of this feature in its design. Almost 2/3 of the spark travel between the electrodes is along the surface of the insulator. The length of the spark discharge is maximized with only a slight increase in the required supplied ignition energy. The higher voltage buildup at the center electrode before the spark-over results in delivering more spark energy into the combustion chamber. However, this spark plug requires a sound ignition system (in good condition) for proper operation.
  • Utilizing a special ground electrode design. The spark discharge can occur in almost 360 degree perimeter at the place with the most optimal air fuel composition; which is where the ionization of the molecule is most easily achieved. This special feature ensures that the spark occurs at the best possible place for ignition, unlike in the conventional spark plug design where the spark always occurs in the same confined place. Since the air fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber is not homogenous (has different concentration at different places) this results in faster and better ignition of each ignition cycle. In addition, there is no need for indexing of the spark plugs since the plug is symmetrical and there is no ground electrode restricting the access of the air fuel mixture.


The massive ground electrode is the integrated part of the spark plug shell which provides superior heat removal from the active part of the spark plug, improving the resistance to pre-ignition and electrode burn-off. Silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals. Large number of free electrons in Silver transfer spark power more efficiently than any other metal.