Genuine Bosch 210# EV1 Injectors

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Billet top hats:

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  • Type Injectors
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New injector option we are currently stocking and shipping daily. A lot of people have been asking for something a little larger than the typical 60#/80# options we have been selling for 12+ years now. This was the next logical step as they are still affordable and save a little cash over going to say ID's or FIC. We have these in grouped sets of 8pcs however if you need a smaller set, we are able to break them up for other applications.

         If you are curious on dimensions, please see the image gallery. This is 2.08" tall O-ring to O-ring, if you need 2.55", you will need to selectable billet injector top hats, $39 option. Also available, EV1 to EV6 adapters for $42.

 With the billet hats, that is the typical height for Mustang, LS1, and various other applications