LSx Standalone ECU W/ Plug & Play Engine Wiring Harness - MS3 Gold Box

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  • Type Fuel Injection Systems
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Proud to now offer a complete plug & play solution for your LSx swapped vehicle. This is a hassle free way to get your newly swapped engine up and running with our complete package. Whether you are working on a Gen 3 or Gen 4 engine, we have the 24x and 58x ECU's in stock to cover all the applications. This is an extremely powerful box to cover virtually any building from a basic naturally aspirated 5.3 swap to an all out LSX turbocharged 1000+ HP combo. Are you running an electronically controlled transmission? Thats not a problem, we are able to supply a complete trans harness and TCU so your 4l60 and 4l80 remains computer controlled! Make sure to select the TCU upgrade when ordering your ECU solution 

        Not experienced with tuning and concerned about the ecu set-up??? We have you covered, we will have support to cover anything from a basic start up tune file to assisting with a complete remote tune session with data log reviewing and revisions. This product has a self tuning option as well that will make corrections so it eliminates the guess work.   The list of what this product is capable is long, take a look and see for yourself why this is our choice for any LSX swap out there: -Start up program factory installed -USB, RS232 and CAN communication -Onboard SD card for Data logging -Uses Tuner Studio tuning software -Self Tuning Capabilities -VE based tuning -Speed Density, Alpha-N and MAF based tuning -Individual cylinder fuel and spark trim tables -10 High Impedance injector drivers -10 logic level ignition outputs. -Fuel pump output -Fan output -Stepper and PWM Idle Air Control outputs -2 channels of nitrous control: staged or progressive -Variable Valve timing for up to 4 VVT camshafts -supports over 50 OEM and aftermarket ignition systems -12 volt tach output -3 Step rev limiter -trans brake and stage control -multiple Traction Control strategies -2 Wide Band Oxygen sensor inputs -2 Knock sensor inputs -flex fuel sensor compatible -boost control -water/methon0l injection control -Data Log switch -Dual table switch -3 additional general purpose inputs (on/off or frequency) -1 additional analog input -Link to MS based transmission control through CAN -RacePak compatible -Alternator output -2 new VR inputs (total of 4) -on boards Barometric pressure sensor -real time clock