Mustang GT / Boss / GT350 5.0 Coyote OE Style Dual Pump Fuel System Upgrade 1000HP

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On3 Billet Fuel Rails/ w fittings

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On 3 Performance OE Dual Fuel Pump Module

Pump ,Ethanol, or Race Fuel Compatible

This is a game changer for the 2011+ Mustang platform when you want to make quick work of the fuel system. This is the most versatile system we have to offer and will accommodate nearly any power adder application out there and not to mention the easiest fuel system upgrade you can find. We have a completely brand new injection mold that is modeled to fit just like a factory. After looking a little closer, you will notice the twin pump in the housing. We tested with each of our pumps on the coyote platform to see what we could make on a single pump and then clearly with the twins. With a single On 3 525lph pump in our shop F-150 truck, we were able to put down right at 700 wheel on the single pump, very impressive. With that being said, we came up with an idea to help keep the fuel cool as possible for driving condition but also have the volume needed to keep up with the flow demands of e-85 over 700 wheel. So when it came down to the design, we had our engineer draw up the basket to house a 320lph pump to run full time and the 525lph pump to kick in with boost. There is virtually zero reason to run both pumps at all times when its only needed under boosted conditions. Many of these factory retro-fit kits use the older style modules that have a restriction at the feed. They have a smaller outlet which is setup for a 5/16 fuel line. Since we were going from scratch, we went ahead and increased that size to match the later model S550 applications which utilize a 3/8" outlet. So it might not seem like much but when you are wanting to get as close to say 1000hp, you need that added volume and capacity. Another feature we include with this is to retain a jet siphon pump system so the saddle tank will continue to fill the side with the fuel module. The fitting is CNC machined and factory in-tank line will snap into place Our module comes exactly as you see, pumps are installed, hoses connected, pigtails from the pump are already wired to the plug. This is a very simple upgrade that most mechanically inclined individuals will have no problem installing. Next you might ask about the wiring because if you are anything like me, thats where things get difficult and confusing. If that is you as well, we have done the homework to make it as painless as possible. It will include a full wiring harness, starting at the module, our 6 pin connector is plug n' play. From there you are only running a few wires, power, ground and a trigger from a Hobbs switch. We have sold our main fuel pump controller for many year now which was modified for this application. All relays/fuses come installed. ***Factory float assembly is retained so you will have fuel level




****2011 - 2014 cars have a smaller 5/16" fuel feed line to the front of the car. Your application will require you to select the feed line adapter package. This is going to include the adapter at the fuel module/fittings/line needed to complete the job.

This IS NOT INCLUDED BUT IS REQUIRED. I cannot make this anymore obvious, do not look past this note and call saying there is missing parts*****