NGK Standard Series Spark Plugs BR7EF

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  • Type Spark Plugs
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We use this in LS Turbo vehicles from 600hp-1000hp


V-Power Spark Plugs are named for their specially designed v-groove center electrode to improve ignitability. Tested to the highest original equipment standards, these plugs are crucial for vehicle maintenance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads
  • Trivalent Metal Plating has superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties (eliminates need for anti-seize)
  • High-grade alumina silicate ceramic creates a stronger insulator to reduce dielectric punch-through (caused by spark exiting through side of ceramic)
  • 98% pure copper core increases heat dissipation for reliable starts and prevents spark plug overheating
  • 90 degree V-Groove center electrode allows the spark to occur closer to the outside of both the center and ground electrodes for better flame expansion, reducing quenching and improving ignitability