On 3 Performance 1/4" Silicone Vacuum Hose 10 FT - High Quality Coupler Material

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  • Type Vacuum/Boost Accessories
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU 1/4"VH10

On 3 Performance Silicone Vacuum hose is designed to handle the extreme conditions found in high performance engines. It will not collapse under high vacuum conditions and doesn't peel, crack or swell like lesser quality vacuum hose. Using cheap hose from the auto parts store isn't always rated to the boost pressures that you are running. If you burst a line, you can cause serious engine damage. Many critical lines to items like the wastegates, boost referenced fuel pressure regulators, etc will not get the correct reference. This is something we now have stocked and are changing all shops cars over to that way we ensure its the best possible product we can run and count on