(1994 - 1995) Mustang GT / Cobra 5.0 Single Turbo System SN95 - GEN. 2

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On 3 Performance

1994 - 1995 Mustang GT / Cobra SN95 Single Turbo System GEN. 2 

NOTE: Currently the manifold design WILL have clearance for the AC compressor


  After what seemed like forever in the design stage, we have our SN 5.0 94 - 95 Mustang 5.0 kit produced and ready to start shipping. After the success of many cars running the fox kit, quickest running 8.8x's @150+mph, we knew we needed to get an application for the SN 5.0 platform. We have seen full interior cars that drive to and from the track run mid 9's and stock bottom ends go into the deep 10's. Not to mention our quickest customer down south, John clocking a 8.87 @153mph in his 363ci silver coupe. Amazing car tearing up the track with our system The kit comes with our On3 70mm turbo which have proven itself over time on the shop cars and many of our customers cars. We currently have 13,000+ miles with the On 3 Performance 2v daily driven car and counting. The turbo will support up to 650rwhp on cars that are able to handle the power. Out of the box, we use a ~7psi spring in the gate and stock a range of spare springs you can view on our site if your looking for a higher base wastegate pressure. Back to the kit details, we built a set of forward facing headers and crossover that's constructed of mild steel with a black high temp finish. Header primaries are 1 5/8" and lead to the 2.5" crossover that feeds to the turbo on the passenger side. The downpipe and intercooler tubing we used a 304 stainless, 2.5" from compressor to the intercooler and stepped it up to 3" from intercooler to the throttle body. The downpipe is also 304 stainless, 16 gauge and built in 2 sections allowing for more adjustability. Although the y-pipe to take you from downpipe to catback isn't included, its available for $159 just as in the foxbody 5.0 kit. It has a built in Y-pipe section which allows for each installation of an electric cutout or simply just unbolt your blockoff plate to allow for better exhaust flow. Both headers are pre-welded with oxygen sensor bungs so you will still retain the left and right bank sensor for monitoring. Also we have the downpipe welded for a wideband sensor if you plan to run one. Many of the SN 5.0 Mustang specific kits do not allow you to retain your ABS or will require you to move it and make new brake lines. We were able to snake the intercooler tubing though along with our turbo placement to avoid any of the relocation. ABS with our turbo system WILL NOT require any relocation and will be kept in place with all stock lines. If your car has A/C, you will be able to also keep that in place without having to remove it to clear the kit. Also we did keep the power steering on the mock up car so all creature comforts can be kept in the stock locations without having to move or relocate.