(1987-2004) Ford Mustang Cobra Baffled Gas Tank

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On 3 Performance

Baffled 03 / 04 Cobra Design Fuel Tank

We use this with anything from Foxbody 1987 thur the New Edge cars up to 2004



  Up for sale is the On 3 Performance baffled 03 / 04 Cobra design fuel tank for the 1986 - 2004 Mustangs. This tank is different from all others year Mustang fuel tanks. The baffling will provide fuel around the bucket or fuel hat assembly continuously submerse in fuel. Where as before with a standard tank without any sort of slosh control, all the fuel pushes in the direction of the turn and away from your fuel pump assembly positioned directly in the center. This design keeps the fuel contained in the center baffle when G-forces are moving the fuel around. This is not only idea for the person into road racing or possibly drifting, drag racing would greatly benefit from this as well. If you have any sort of power adder and you end up starving the fuel pumps, that can be catastrophic to your engine. Often times people dont think about the fuel due to hard acceleration drag racing or high speed turns is going to force fuel in about any direction but the center where the pumps are located. This is extremely important and should not be overlooked. This tank should be installed in every Mustang out there If you pair up this tank with the On 3 Performance Fuel hat which is virtually required with any install besides for the 99+ Mustangs, you will have the potential to support over 1000 rear wheel horse power. We can retrofit 3 of the 340lph On 3 fuel pumps into the fuel assembly and provide more fuel than almost any application would ever need. Not to mention the tank completely houses the pumps and you have almost zero noise from them. Talk about a stealthy fuel system, this is as Sleeper as it gets. To make this install as easy as possible, we do have complete full fuel systems as well that start at $1049 shipped and include a majority of the supply and return items to allow a simple install

      DETAILS FOR INSTALLING INTO THE VARIOUS YEAR MUSTANGS: 1986 - 1997 MUSTANG: On these model years, you will have to modify a 1999+ filler neck to keep the factory fill function. The 96 and 97 cars as well as possibly the 94 and 95, which we have not verified can just directly swap out to the 98+ filler neck. The 1986- 93 will need a 98+ filler neck and mainly will take 2 cuts. It is a very simple modification to have this new generation fuel tank in your foxbody. If the car does not have evap, the hole is in the tank for that and either would need plugged or welded shut. As far as the fuel pump assembly goes, we would recommend our custom billet fuel hat + fuel level sensor which is $328. Another option is that you could run one of the factory fuel assemblies from say the 03 Cobra. 1994-97 MUSTANG: The filler neck info will apply to you as far as we know but a few guys have said you just can swap to the 98+ filler neck. I have not confirmed but hopefully we will get feedback to update this information. You will also want to either run our fuel hat assembly or the factory style pump holders from the 99+ cars. 99-04 MUSTANG: Your filler neck, fuel assembly and emissions components will all transfer right over to this tank.  

Includes: 1 - On 3 Performance 03 / 04 Cobra Designed Baffled Fuel Tank