Boundary (2011-2014) Ford 5.0 COYOTE & 5.2 VOODOO Billet Oil Pump Gears

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  • Type Engine Internals
  • Vendor Boundary Engineering
  • SKU 1114 OPG-2

Brand new stocking item for On 3 Performance and a must if you are going forced induction with your 5.0 coyote platform. Don't let this $200 item take out your factory engine, we see it all the time. These are blue printed, made in the USA oil pump gears that have a proven track record and currently running them in all of our shop cars. We sell the items we run and believe in so don't forget to add this to your turbo system purchase or upgrade now before its too late. $200 is a small price to pay when you compare it to a complete engine build that is easily $5000+ with labor. You break your factory oil pump gears which happens daily, you will take out your engine. So this is a very cheap insurance policy if you plan to put some boost to the factory short block.

**If you need gears specifically for the F-150, they are different so you need to specify if you need billet gears for a truck

We have seen friends and customers dip well into the low 9's on stock engine cars and hold up. These are key to keeping the factory engine reliable and not leaving you stranded!