(2011 - 2023) F150 Catch Can Kit

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  • Type Catch Cans
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU F150TT-CC

On 3 Performance

2011+ F-150 5.0 Catch Can Kit

  On 3 Performance vented catch can kit, this kit can be used with forced inductions or NA applications. In a forced Inductions application it is extremely important to make sure the catch can kit is vented to atmosphere. This will allow the crank case to breath during Wide open throttle situations. This is important to not only the health of the engine but also the health of the turbos. The catch can kits you see on the market that are tied back into the intake manifold will not work on a boosted application. It will just pressurize the catch can and engine if you run this style on a boosted applications. These are super easy and quick to drain. The lower half of the can unthreads so you can unthread them and empty them quickly at the track.   This kit will include:

  • On 3 Performance Billet Dual Catch Cans
  • 2x Stainless filters
  • 2x 10an orb to 10an male fittings
  • 2x 10an pushloc 90
  • 6ft of pushloc 5/8 Hose

This kit will require you to use the factory quick connect fittings on the truck. You will take a razorblade and cut the plastic hard line and remove the fitting from the stock line, then push the pushloc hose over the factory fitting. If you do not have the factory fittings, these fittings can be bought at the local parts store.