(2013-2018) Ram 10.4" Touch Screen Dash w/ Navigation

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  • Type Miscellaneous
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU RamDash-1

These trucks mainly come with a very basic dash configuration, quite boring as you sit in the driverseat. With our dash upgrade, this 10.4" display completely revamps the overall look and quality of the interior. Some of the key features of the display:

  • Navigation
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice Commands
  • HVAC Controls
  • Android 9.0 w/ 4GB of RAM
  • Built-in Car Play
  • Back Up Camera Compatible
  • Easy Install, Plug And Play, Harnesses Included!!!


***Please note when ordering****

We need to know specific information from your truck when these are built and most dash kit will take up to around 2 weeks to get shipped out. They are special order even though the website does show "In Stock". Thats is solely so you are able to complete the order to get the build process started. We are stocking a few of the popular applications at most times. However it just depends when your order is placed if we have the specific model needed in stock. From you with the order we need to know the vehicle year, manual or auto AC controls, as well as if it would have SYNC 1 / SYNC 2.

We also recommend sending a photo of your dash to On3Performance@aol.com with your order number so we are able to visually confirm your order.