(2018-2023) Mustang GT 5.0 Top Mount Twin Turbo System - S550

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  On 3 Performance is proud to announce the newest coyote turbo system that we have developed for the 2018 - 2019 S550 chassis Mustang 5.0 cars. We have designed what we believe is the best system available for the S550 platform, visually and performance related. Our system used some of the best products we make in order to spec out this new turbo kit. Starting with the manifolds, we designed around our already proven cast stainless steel manifold runner which has been 7's in the quarter mile. This manifold is a forward facing design and places each turbo right up front. As far as the visual impression goes, it doesn't get much better than this. The turbos are right up top, front and center. As far as turbo selection goes, almost all turbochargers on the market use a 4 bolt inlet flange. The On 3 system comes standard with our newest exhaust housings which are V-band inlet and outlet. This makes for unlimited adjustment and one simple clamp to secure the turbocharger in place. Not only does this make for an easier install, it also has its power gains being that you are flowing air from a round pipe directly into a round housing. Traditional housings are rectangle shaped and the transition will create a turbulence that has been proven to lose horsepower over our design. During our testing, we have proven the On 3 55mm turbos to around the 700rwhp range without any fuel mods. Simply bolt on our twin turbo system and have the car custom dyno tuned. This is the absolute furthest we took the car till adding pump and injectors. The next step to support upper 700 range you will need to add port injectors and fuel pump. Anything past that or if you want to run e85, you will need to add our complete fuel system. This combo has been proven to make over 1000 wheel with the upgraded On 3 61mm turbos on E-85. This makes the car have insane street manners from light to light and yet still have serious power potential. Our shop car as it sits has been 9.70's as 144mph and clearly has plenty left in it. This is a true bolt on system that has the potential to put your Mustang 5.0 directly into the 9's. Moving on from the turbos, we were able to incorporate dual 3.0" 304 stainless steel downpipes to clear all accessories. You are going to maintain your A/C, Power steering, brakes, etc, no accessories are lost however this kit will require you to swap to an 11-14 5.0 alternator. We leave this option up to you, if you want to find one on your own, its your call or select it in the optional items list to include it. On each down, we have pre-welded wideband bungs for monitors on the dyno as well as another set for your factory o2 sensors. The downpipes are v-banded and route below the car to tie into the catback. As far as boost control and wastegates go, we designed the kit around a set of our compact 44mm On 3 wastegates. These are v-banded for a quick and easy install and the dump tubes are routed back through the downpipes. If you are not familiar with turbo systems, the wastegates are what control boost and they are setup out of the box for roughly 7psi. This should be enough to yield the car with over 600rwhp. Our shop car put down a little over 660rwhp on wastegate spring only before adding more boost. Another huge improvement over the low mount systems on the market currently is the cold side. Many people do not like the air filters low or in the front bumper like that type of kit requires. With our new On 3 Top Mount system, the air filters are tucked up top in the engine bay and the cold side plumbing is much shorter. There are no low points either with this system which most people will love. A 15" wheel setup with springs is rather low and almost any system on the market will scrape. That is NOT the case with our system, its tucked up, no low point and ground clearance wouldn't be an issue even if your car is on bags! The cold side tubing is all fabricated from 6061 aluminum and each pipe is bead rolled to ensure the couplers stay in place while under boost. Also standard with our turbo system you will receive stainless t-bolt clamps which provide the most clamping pressure possible instead of an old school worm clamp. Our couplers are made from 5-ply silicone so they will hold up to virtually any demand. As far as the intercooler goes, this is the same core design we have used for the last 4 years in our already 1000+hp proven low mount system. Its uses our On 3, 3.5" bar and plate core with aluminum fabricated end tanks. As far as controlling airflow when the throttle closes, we incorporate the On 3 Performance 50mm blow off valve which has been proven over the last 12 years we have used that same design. If its not broke, don't fix it! Lastly one other great feature is you can run your stock MAF sensor without having to upgrade to an expensive digital unit. We fabricated the MAF to be housed into our 3.5" charge pipe so your tuner will be able to scale and support up to or over 1000rwhp with the stock meter   Each Kit Will Include:

  • On 3 Performance 55mm Journal Bearing Turbochargers (Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrades Available)
  • On 3 Performance V-band Inlet / Outlet Exhaust Housings
  • On 3 Performance 44mm Compact V-Banded Wastegate Set w/ 6psi Springs(2pcs)
  • On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve
  • Stainless Steel Braided Oil Feed Kit
  • CNC Billet Oil Feed Adapter
  • Turbo Oil Drain Hose / Fitting kit
  • Stainless Steel V-Band Clamps
  • Custom A/C Line
  • Laser Cut Intercooler Brackets
  • ECU Relocation Kit
  • Main Fuse Panel Relocation Kit

  Hotside Includes:

  • On 3 Performance Custom Cast Forward Facing 304 ss Turbo Headers
  • 3" 304 ss Downpipe Set
  • 3" Stainless Lapband Exhaust Clamp Set
  • 3" Stainless V-band Clamps

Coldside Includes:

  • Polished 6061 Aluminum Cold Side Tubing Kit
  • On 3 performance 5ply Custom Silicone Coupler Kit
  • On 3 Performance 304 ss T-Bolt Clamp Kit
  • On 3 Performance Air to Air 3.5" Bar & Plate 1200HP Intercooler
  • On 3 Performance High Flow / Washable Air Filter Set (2pcs)


Lets talk drivability, lets face it, some of our customers do still daily drive their twin turbo 5.0 cars. If you have a proper tune, your car should drive like stock until you are into the throttle. Clearly there is going to be a HUGE difference WOT but in most cases, there is absolutely no reason you cannot daily drive a turbo car. Fuel economy should remain close to the same and some instances, you can gain fuel economy. As far as reliability goes, we have 5.0 coyote Mustang customers with 50k miles on their cars with boost. Another great benefit is the 55mm/61mm turbos we are using as they are into boost so quick. You are going to notice better low end acceleration outside of WOT situation as they start making boost in the lower RPM range. Meaning part throttle from traffic light to traffic light, there is undoubtedly an improvement you are going to feel.

What do I need to finish off my install??? This question is asked on a daily basis and it all comes down to what power you plan to make. First is fuel, if you plan to stick with 93oct, your stock fuel system is good to around 700rwhp as it sits with the new direct injection along with port injection as well. If you plan to run e-85, you need to go to our On 3 store and review our 2015 - 2017 Mustang return fuel system. If you do a single in-tank pump upgrade along with a set of the optional injectors we list, you will support 775-800 wheel max on e-85. Everyone knows the factory 5.0 oil pump gears are weak. Most stock engine failures we see are caused by these failing, not piston or rods. We suggest you add and upgrade your OPG and crank sprocket when purchasing the turbo system. As you will notice we have many upgrades available which you can select. Some are highly recommend and others are optional to make the installation that much easier. Please run real time quotes on our site with the items we suggest for your power level to create a real time quote.