38mm Wastegate

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On 3 Performance



On3 Performance 38mm V-band Wastegate


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  This is the On 3 Performance 38mm wastegate. We use this in several of our turbo kits here with nothing but success. They use a 2 bolt flange with a stainless body and stainless clamps. These come standard with a 7.5lb spring, however we sell springs separately to achieve the spring pressure you are after. We were able to hold the boost +/- .100 psi of boost on the dyno when testing our turbo system.

       KIT INCLUDES: - On 3 Performance 38mm Wastegate (1pc) - 2 Bolt Mounting Flange - 2 Bolt Flange For The Dump Tube - Fire Ring  

   This is for a 2-bolt flange mounted wastegate. Originally this 38mm wastegate was on our 1st generation SN95 kit. (The new revision of the SN95 kit is now a 44mm v-band wastegate setup.) Our 3V and 4V turbo kits still maintain 38mm wastegates.

        This wastegtate has 2 base vacuum ports so if there is an obstruction in the way of one, you can just port the vacuum off the other access port.