On 3 Performance 4.6 2v Mustang Coolant Expansion Tank Delete Kit

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On 3 Performance Coolant Expansion Tank Delete


Since around 2000 when I purchased my�first mod motor car, a 1999 Cobra, the coolant tank has always been an eye sore(1996 - 2004 2v & 4v Engines). �Personally wanting to delete it or come up with something else to get rid of it has always been on my mind. �Finally we have been able to work�on a solution to delete the overflow on the 1996 - 2004 2v GT as so many guys are looking to clean up their engine bays. �Regardless if its turbocharged and your trying to expose the turbo system or clean up your bay, this is the ticket. �Over the last 2 months we have been driving and testing with it and please with the results. �This was a good test bed anyhow since we have the single turbo system on the test car and if something was going to get hot, this would be it. �Everything ran just as it did with the factory expansion tank with ZERO heating issues.
This kit will allow you to delete the big plastic expansion tank with our upgraded unit. �This complete kit is going to come with the new aluminum fabricated overflow, 304ss upper radiator hose, and new billet coolant fill port. �The new upper radiator line fabricated from 304ss is a nice accent point and also dresses up the engine bay nicely. �If you are supercharged or turbocharged, this package is a must in our eyes. �Before the tank always covered the focal point and now this just exposes the whole front of the engine. �As you can see from our photos, the turbo is 75% covered from most angles. �Now when you pop the hood, its in your face. �The package is a simple upgrade and can easily do in your driveway within an hour. �We are currently building the kits and our first 5 systems will be ready to ship March 18, 2016. �We are going to start taking order now if anyone would like to get their hands on one of the first kits that are available.

1996 - 2004 Cobra 4v 4.6*** � Yes we know that you are going to want a solution as well and we are currently working on that now. �We should have an upgrade system as well available for you April 2016!

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