On 3 Performance 4.8 / 5.3 / 5.7 / 6.0l Stage 1 Boost Camshaft Upgrade +140 Wheel HP Potential

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On 3 Performance

LSX Boost Camshaft�

This is a new product we have been working on bringing this product to market for some time now and finally in stock and ready to ship. We have been testing this product on our shop 1500 with the On 3 twin turbo system. Both tests before and after were done in house on our dyno while maintaining 9psi of boost during both tests. When the results were in, it was almost hard to believe, 70rwhp/71tq gain at 5200 and at 6200 we are seeing a 146rwhp and 122tq! This is simply a no brainer when you are adding boost to your 4.8-6.0l build. The way the truck carries power before and after is flat out amazing, we were on almost 14lbs of boost before to carry that much power out to redline with the factory cam in place. The On 3 Performance boost camshaft upgrade will allow you to efficiently make more power and is what all boosted applications need

Boost cam specs
219/223 Duration

Assuming 1.7 Factory Rocker Ratio

Items to consider: When you do this cam upgrade, we did upgrade pushrods and would recommend a .660" spring upgrade