400lph In-line "044 Style" Fuel Pump (Gasoline/Ethanol)

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  • Type Fuel Pumps
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On 3 Performance 400lph (100gph) in-line "044 style" fuel pump. This unit is good for 1000+hp on a NA vehicle and over 800 with boost on e-85. Our pump we supply is safe with use on gasoline as well as ethanol fuels.

         Have a bad pump and looking to upgrade? Look no further this pump will be a drop in application for cars already equipped with this design fuel pump. The pump can be used with internal tank applications as well as external. Why pay more when you are getting the exact same part with a different name on the product, made by the same contracted production line!  

 Fuel Pump Flow Statistics: 400lph - 40psi 340lph - 73psi 270lph - 120psi

Fuel Pump Inlet and Outlet fittings:



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