44mm Compact Wastegate

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On 3 Performance

On3 Performance 44mm Vband Compact Wastegate

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This is the popular wastegate option now utilized by most of our turbo systems. We have been slowly phasing over to this new design which is easier to mount, lighter, more compact and option for water cooled. #1 question, "Do I need to run water lines?" The answer is no, its option, none of our kits run it but on some more strenuous application such as road racing, its a great feature to utilize. We were able to hold the boost +/- .100 psi of boost on the dyno when testing our new turbo system. Also as some may know mounting the wastegates can be limited on the 2 or 4 bolt and the vband flange allows for complete 360 degree adjustments. On top of that, there are also multiple vacuum ports so if there is an obstruction in the way of one, you can just port the vacuum off the other location.

               INCLUDED WITH THE KIT: - On 3 Performance 44mm Compact Wastegate (1pc) -V-band Mounting Flange - Vband Flange For The Dump Tube -V-band Clamps For Both Flanges -Fire Ring