6" Intercooler

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  • Type Intercoolers
  • Vendor On3 Performance
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We have designed and sold quite a few intercoolers over the days. This is our newest intercooler option we are going to offer to the guys building very serious turbo applications. This intercooler is 2x volume when compared to our standard 3" core that comes in each of our turbo systems. Our 3" On 3 Intercooler has been proven day in, day out with 700 wheel hp cars. Our newest core is 23.75" long and its 12.0" tall. If you need the most serious intercooler to keep the charge temps down, this is for you. Cooler air is going to equal more power! INLET / OUTLET DIAMETER: 3.5"

We rate this intercooler to 1300 RWHP