On 3 Performance 60mm Wastegate Spring - 12.5psi

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  • Type Wastegates
  • Vendor On3 Performance

On3 Performance Standard 60mm Wastegate Springs


If your wastegate does not look like the one in the photo, these springs will not work for you. We have a separate listing for the Compact wastegate springs. Link is at the bottom of the page for Compact wastegate springs.

  All of the On 3 Performance 60mm wastegates are pre-loaded before they ship with 6psi springs. So if you are wanting to increase your base pressure, you would need to upgrade your spring. Just a quick crash course on boost control, you can basically double your base pressure with a manual controller. You cannot adjust and lower the spring pressure besides for just going with a smaller spring. So with that being said, if you need to increase your base pressure, we have 3 options: 8psi Spring 11psi Spring 14psi Spring   Quick example, if you go with our 11psi spring, your going to make 11psi without any boost controller on the car. With a boost controller however, you will have the ability to go up to double the base pressure meaning 22psi. 8psi will give you range from 8psi to 16psi, 15psi base spring will give you from 15psi to 30psi.