7665 T4 V-Band Turbocharger

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Exhaust Housing
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On 3 Performance

 76mm Turbocharger



Perfect for your On 3 Performance upgrade, Custom Mustang, LSx, ect Build

We have been designing a lot of our turbo systems around our newest exhaust housing and its time to bring that same option to our customers. This is our already proven and popular On 3 76mm turbocharge but paired up with our newest exhaust housing option. We tooled up and has our .68 and .96ar exhaust housings re-designed to incorporate the v-band inlet design to eliminate the traditional t-4, 4 bolt housings. This has a laundry list of benefits and the main two are adjustability and the easy of installation. When using a traditional flange, you do not have ANY adjustment, it bolts in place and if your flange is off, your stuck with it. In this case, you simply would rotate the turbo slightly to the position needed and tighten the turbo down. You now also only have 1 nut to tighten down and secure the turbo in place, it doesn't get much easier than that. We cannot leave out the fact that its also cast from stainless steel so your not going to have any rust after a few months of sitting or driving. The standard iron housings will rust if they are not coated.

There are also benefits to the design, your flowing a round pipe now to a round flange at the turbo. Before when you run a round tube to a square flange and then back into the turbo, it can disrupt the airflow and become a restriction. This was you are keeping the airflow as smooth as possible and leaves room to potentially pick up HP.

Cold Side

After years of selling this turbo, its has proven its point with being an affordable turbocharger that backs it up with great HP numbers. This turbo will be capable of supporting 750+ rwhp and have customers on the lower end of the power range around the 400's on low boost applications(Our 70mm is rated up to 680rwhp). On of the first cars our turbo was tested on was a 93 Cobra, 347ci and going 10.1x's on 8psi. No physical dyno numbers on that specific car but this car was running 13psi on our 70mm On 3 Performance turbo prior to the upgrade to accomplish almost identical track number.

  We have ran our turbochargers on anything from a daily driver to the weekend cruiser. When setup properly, the On 3 Performance turbochargers are very reliable and make exceptional power. The On 3 Performance 2002 GT on our website has our 70mm unit and has been daily driven since we designed the kit in 2007. We have put it through quite a few passes at the track, 30,000+ miles to this day and still in perfect operating condition. Please do not email and ask if this turbo will work on your application. All specs of the turbo are posted above and would recommend to be used on at least 3.0l+ applications. We cannot answer and know every kit out there and if its going to be an identical bolt in upgrade. Generally it will be a simple upgrade in most cases but could involve you cutting/welding WE DO NOT HAVE COMPRESSOR MAPS!!!! Recommend Turbo Feed and Drain: To ensure the longevity of your turbocharger, we normally run 1/8" feed and a 5/8" return. This is very important and without this properly sized, you can cause damage to the product.

  • Compressor Wheel 76mm
  • .80 a/r
  • 4" Inlet and 2.5" Compressor Outlet
  • Inducer- 76.71mm
  • Exducer- 102.36mm

Exhaust Side

  • Exhaust Housing: V-band Inlet / Outlet, Iron Casting
  • . 68 or .96 ar Exhaust Housing - Specify When Ordering
  • 3.0" Vband outlet
  • Inducer- 74.5mm
  • Exducer- 65mm