8475 Billet Wheel T4 Turbocharger- Ceramic Ball Bearing

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Exhaust Housing
Compressor Wheel
Billet Wheel

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  • Type Turbochargers
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU 84mm

             It is in stock and ready to ship so if you have been waiting, we can fill the order asap. This compressor wheel was designed 100% exclusively for On 3 Performance and your not going to find the specific combo anywhere else. This 84mm wheel is lighter than the 78mm On 3 cast wheel for reference. It is quicker into boost and the most powerful t4 frame turbo we offer that is a direct bolt on to our turbo system line we produce. During testing, we had this prototype piece on a stock LS1 short block 4th gen Camaro with a TH350. We were making around 750rwhp and the car was going 9.0's during the testing phase of this unit. The turbocharger is rated up to 950HP but we have had excellent results in the lower range as well. We also tested the new Billet On3 84mm on the shop 4v fox body coupe. Only running around 7psi and making 580rwhp through an auto. The car is extremely responsive, great power curve, and still leaves a ton of power on the table for turning it up. This is a great option for those maybe wanting to start in the 500 wheel range and have room to grow. On the other than this is great for the guy wanting to make 700+ and utilize the newest 75mm exhaust wheel to reduce drive pressure on the larger c.i. engines. Turbo Specs: Horsepower Rating: 950HP

Compressor Wheel: CNC Billet Wheel 84mm 

Compressor Cover: .80 ar Inlet: 4" Outlet: 2.5" Turbine Wheel: 75mm Turbine Housing: T4 .96ar Turbine Outlet: 3.0" V-Band   Ohio Residence: Subject to 7.50% sales tax Shipping: