Vacuum Distribution Block

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Additional Barbs
1/4" Silicon Vacuum Line (High Temp)
3/8" Silicon Vacuum Line (High Temp)

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  • Type Vacuum/Boost Accessories
  • Vendor On3 Performance

Throw away those ugly plastic Tees!!!

Plumbing for all the boost and vacuum sorces on a turbo set-up can be a pain. The blow-off valve(s), wastegate(s), fuel pressure regulator, boost control solenoids all need a clean source, and thats very hard to do a clean install using vacuum Tees with lines running everywhere. 

Our Billet Vac block provides a nice clean solution. Hook one 3/8" line from the intake manifold to the 3/8" barb on the Vac Block. That gives up to 6 individual 1/4" barbs to hook direct to all of your accesories. 

This kit comes with one 3/8" barb, and 3x 1/4" barbs. 


Black High-Temp Silcon Vacuum line available in 10' and 25' sections