(2007-2012) BMW N54 7" Air to Air Intercooler Upgrade

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    Many have asked if we will sell the massive 7" intercooler upgrade that is included with our new top mount single turbo system. Well the answer is yes and we are stocked and ready to start shipping the new intercooler upgrades. This is the largest core that we can have built and going to maximize the power potential of your car. These cars have a very inefficient intercooler that is not designed for making power. So as soon as you start turning things up and making more power, your past its point of efficiency. When the cars start getting up into the higher rpm range, the turbos are moving a lot of air and its getting extremely heat soaked. As the temperatures start rising over the pull, the factory computer will start pulling timing and thus the car is losing power and restricted by its own factory hardware. In order to combat this, you are introduced to the On 3 Performance 7" core air to air intercooler. Our intercooler trumps the factory design in all aspects of size and efficiency. We are able to keep the air much cooler, keep more timing in the car, and result in a cooler charge air temp and allowing the car to make more power, safer. On a turbo car, its all about keeping the air as close to ambient as possible throughout the duration of a pull. This is going to keep the air as cool as it can possibly be without going to an air to water full out race combination. We have tested our intercooler cores past 1200rwhp on specific application so you can buy with confidence. That is over 1400hp at the crank and we have diesels running our same cores up to and over 100psi. We have proven our products now for almost 10 years, you are able to buy this product with confidence.

      TESTING DATA: We initially base lined our test car with the factory intercooler at ~17psi of boost. Since then, we upgraded the car to our new 7" Core 335i Intercooler and went back to the dyno for a few more pulls. Not surprised, the IAT's were down and from the start of the pull till the end, we are only getting about a 10 degree rise. The pull was starting at 100 degrees and ends right at 110 degrees. This is a HUGE gain and by just keeping the temps down, we were down 1psi at 16# of boost and making 40 MORE HP to the tires. So if you are pushing the stock turbos or on an upgraded turbo setup, this is a must have. Serious power potential and keeps the IAT's in check. 

 Each Intercooler Kit Includes:

  • On 3 Performance 7" Air to Air


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