Coolant Crossover Delete v.2 - 1 Port

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CCD Fitting Kit
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We developed this kit several years ago to clean up the install on the 4v cars running our turbo system and found out that a lot of other customers also were seeking this same product. What our system does is relocates the thermostat into the upper radiator line instead of its current factory position. Ford has the thermostat located after the radiator outlet which is going to see temperatures after coolant has already passed through the radiator. Relocating it up top where we have, this will have the thermostat reacting from a more actual engine temperature. This will allow for the car to operate cooler and have a much wider selection of thermostats that you can choose from. We use standard small block chevy(I know, I know) thermostats Also many people have issues after time with the factory coolant crossover leaking and needing replaced. This is a great option to not only replace the leaking factory unit but give the engine bay an updated look. Now you can replace the factory boring upper rubber hose with a more appealing braided line kit. This is sold separately and can be had for just $69. This includes your necessary AN fittings and 4' of our custom braided nylon black hose. Our kit is perfect for Marauder crowd which already has braced us and continues to be a big supporter of our product. Also the centrifugal supercharger users have the blower and air filter inlet directly in this path. Many of these people are running our products to allow for easier routing of the coolant line as well as the cooling benefits that come along with its use. We have customers running our kits on retrofitted 4v's into early cars, truck to cobra replica builds. Not only that the people running a blower on the 4v engines starts to look sloppy with the coolant lines routing all around it. This really allows you to run them however you might want to really clean up the look of the engine bay. Each kit has a 1 temp sensor port or 2 temp sensor ports. Depending on the car model its being used on, some have a secondary temp sensor which would require the 2nd option kit. If your planning on running an aftermarket coolant temp sensor, this is a very sleek way to gain access to the coolant for a hassle-free install. You would just choose option listed for the additional coolant temp sensor port: Key Details To v.2 Coolant Crossover Delete:

  • On 3 Performance Coolant Crossover Delete Housing Now 10an O-ring Straight Thread For Simple Install
  • Block Off Plug Included For T-stat Housing Standard
  • New O-ring Seal For Housing, Ensuring Leak-Free Use
  • New Black Hard Anodizing Method with Laser Etched Logo

THIS KIT IN SPECIFIC IS THE SINGLE TEMP SENSOR PORT 3 PIECE KIT: Each 3pc kit will also include the hold down tabs and bolt to secure. A lot of the 4v guys also like to run the head cooling mod since its believed that the cylinder #7 & #8 have a pocket that doesn't allow for circulation. This heats up the coolant around this area and is believe to cause engine failure in some instances. We can also include an additional Head Cooling Mod fitting for the rear port of the head at the same time of purchase for $30.