Coolant Crossover Delete v.2 - 2 Port

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CCD Fitting Kit
Include Thermostat

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  • Type Cooling System Upgrades
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU CCD2

    All the details to this kit are found just below the options. I wanted to post this information at the top so you know exactly what your getting. The middle photo with the white background shows the CCD kit produced by On 3 Performance. Shown in the photo is the 1 TEMP SENSOR PORT KIT. This page is to purchase the 2 TEMP SENSOR PORT KIT. So that means that with your order for $190, its going to include 2 of the DR. side fittings shown in the photo. Your kit will include the housing along with 2 of the DR. side fittings shown to be clear. We can put this together in any combination you might want and have the upgrades listed in the list below. Some factory cars have 2 coolant temp sensors and other customers will only need one but use the 2nd port for a gauge. Doesn't get much simpler to get reference when adding an aftermarket gauge while cleaning up the overall look under-hood.