(1997-2004) Corvette C5 Single Turbo System - LS1 / LS6 / 5.3 / 6.0

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On 3 Performance

1998 - 2004 C5 Corvette Single Turbo System


**Radiators are on a 4-6 week back order for this kit, rest of the kit is in stock ready to ship**

  This is the official release of the new On3 Performance C5 Single Turbo Kit. This is kit is modeled off of our C6 single turbo kit that we have been offering for the last few years in which its proved its power potential. We have packaged together a Single Turbo kit for the C5 that will offer all the same potential. This comes with a complete turbo kit and a cooling system upgrade in one purchase. Due to the lack of space we opted to stand the radiator up with our custom radiator design and brackets which are included with the kit we have created enough space to sit the turbo front and center. One of the questions we've had over the years is how do we keep it cool. This can some times be a challenge because the corvette engine bays are so sealed up that they trap a lot of heat. This radiator kit, paired with a nice Derale oil cooler mounted in the trans tunnel with a fan allowed us to maintain cooling temperatures with no issues. We always recommend you add an oil cooler when adding a turbo to any C5 or C6 corvette.  

  Kit Includes: - On 3 Performance Complete 304 Stainless Header Package - On 3 Performance 304ss Thick Wall Crossover, t-4 Flanged - 3.0" to 4" Stepped Bumper Exit Downpipe - Necessary V-Band Clamps for Hot-side - Custom Cast Turbo Merge Section / Turbo Mount   Cold Side: - On 3 Performance Race Core, Bar and Plate 3.0" or 4" Air to Air Intercooler - Complete 5-ply Black Silicone Coupler Kit - Stainless Steel T-bolt Clamp Kit   Components: - On 3 Performance 78/75 Turbocharger, .96ar, V-band Discharge, T4 Inlet (Several Upgrade options available) - Dual On 3 Performance 44mm Wastegates (2pcs) - Complete Oil Feed & Drain Kit For Turbocharger  

 Power expectations: Our test car here was a stock 5.3 bottom end and top end with the On3 Boost cam. This combo made 600hp@12lbs of boost on E85 through an unlocked Th400 trans and converter on a our mustang dyno. This would be in the 700whp-750whp range if dynoed with the factory manual transmission.

Cooling System Details: First and foremost, the kit does require you to stand up the radiator with a custom kit. Included in the turbo kit is our stand up radiator cooling system plumbing, along with two low profile 12" fans.

AC System: We ship our kits with the bumper exit which essentially does allow your AC compressor to stay on the car. We did not keep the ac on our design car however you could make your own lines and run a custom condenser. We never did this so if you plan on attempted to maintain the AC, it would be completely at your discretion.

Coils / Wires: You will be required to move your coils and run custom wires, we now offer the upgraded coil relocation kit and spark plug wire set. This will only work on the factory aluminum blocks. The iron blocks have the mounting provision changed so if you wanted to run it with an iron block it will be up to you to modify the brackets potentially.

  If you have any specific questions feel free to call in 614-439-0057 or email me at On3performance.bob@gmail.com