On 3 Performance Electronic Boost Gauge - Peak / Warning / Recall

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Our brand new line of On 3 Performance gauges are now in stock and ready to ship daily. The gauges all feature a smoked black face and 7 led color options to choose from. The actual gauge pointer on the face is going to remain red. All of our gauges are electronic unless otherwise specified, meaning your not going to be running oil, water, boost lines into the actual cabin of the vehicle. This makes for a much cleaner install and very simple. Also each gauge has its own controller to set warning and recall peak numbers if needed. We use this feature constantly in our shop vehicles to check boost mainly. After you make a pass or do a pull, as you know its very difficult to watch your gauges. This way you simple push the peak recall, the needle will jump to the highest value. Gauge Features:

  • Smoked Faceplate
  • Black Bezel
  • 7-LED Color Options to Select
  • Peak / Warning
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy Installation