(1979-1993) Fox 5.0 Y-Pipe Kit for Single Turbo System

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  • Type Exhaust, Mid Pipes
  • Vendor On3 Performance

On 3 Performance LLC

5.0 Y-Pipe Kit For Use With Our Single Turbo System

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    This product is what you need in order to adapt your catback to the downpipe included in the turbo kit. When you buy our 5.0 single turbo system, it includes the downpipe from turbo to basically under the firewall. This will plump your car all the way from downpipe to your existing catback to quite the car down. You can see we designed this in 3 different sections. We did this to make the setup more adjustable plus we added in our Y section. This will allow you to easily bolt on an electric cutout without having to weld. Its makes the install of a cutout as easy as it can be. If you didn't want to spend the money on a cutout, you can always just unbolt the blockoff plate included in the kit when you get to the track to free up 50+ rwhp in most situation. A customer of ours was making just over 600 rear wheel though the exhaust on the dyno. He thought it seemed a little low so dropped the exhaust and made 680. What Im getting at is this will eat up a little horsepower when driving around the city but will make the car significantly quieter. With the middle Y-pipe section and unbolting or adding an electric cutout, you can easily get that power back with the flip of a switch or unbolting 3 bolts.      


----Complete 3 Piece Y Pipe Kit ----Built in Y In The Middle Section To Easily Add An Electric Cutout ----(3) 3  8mm Bolt Vband Clamps ---- Y-Pipe Block Off Plate And Gasket ---- Hardware To Install     This system is designed for our ( On 3 Performance ) 5.0 single turbo system. Please do not email asking if it will fit with other kits. We do not know and have never tested with other kits.