6161 GT35 T3 Turbocharger GT3582

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On 3 Performance 61mm GT35 Series Turbocharger

T3 Series


On 3 Performance is currently stocking and shipping daily the newest addition to our turbo product line. This turbo will be capable of supporting 525HP while a majority of our customers running these are in the 300-400 range on 4 cylinder applications. Our primary application here, we run them on our Twin Turbo Mustang kits and make a very wide spectrum of power from 450-1000hp. They are very quick into boost, very reliable when properly maintained and will make great power Here at On 3 Performance we have started to build around a lot of these 55mm and 61mm turbochargers over the last year or so. We have had great results and haven't really pushed them as hard as some of the other turbochargers we sell. They work excellent and have made great power so we need to get the word out. Also the new stainless steel exhaust housing option with the v-banded inlet is a sweet upgrade to allow for a quick simple install or removal. If you are building your own system or already have the t3 v-band style manifold inlet, this is perfect for you. Only a $159 upgrade   As far as applications go, this turbocharger is a great unit for those building 1.5-3.5L engines on a single turbo application. Also for those building Twin Turbo applications, this is exactly what most of our new builds revolve around and have the potential to easily reach 1000+. For instance, our new single turbo BMW 335i setup is designed around using our On 3 Performance 55mm or 61mm turbo and uses our newest Stainless Steel housing you see here. Its into boost quick, makes great power (484/442) with around 16psi of boost. Our twin turbo applications using these turbocharger, we generally are in the 500 to 1000 territory. Example of use would be our newest shop Twin Turbo Silverado system. We tested with a bone stock long block 5.3 and using a set of the On 3 55mm GT30 turbos and of course the stainless steel upgraded exhaust housings. This truck was able to make 602/675 on 13psi with plenty more left in it. So as you can see these units are very versatile and have potential for a lot of applications. You don't have to spend $1500 anymore for a nice upgrade unit. You can spend a fraction with us on a proven turbocharger that we back up with solid performance data and time tested   Looking at our turbocharger options, your going to have to make 3 selections  

  1. Select your compressor cover, you have 2 options to go with. We have the 4 inlet Anti-surge cover with the 2.5 outlet. Then your other option is the On 3 Compact Cover which is a 3 inlet and 2 outlet.
  2. Select your exhaust housing and you have a few different options. You can go with the cast traditional .63ar housing with the 3" 4 bolt outlet design. Or you have the new Stainless Steel v-band inlet and v-band outlet design($159 Upgrade)
  3. Lastly, you will need to make your decision on either a Journal Bearing turbo cartridge or else you can opt for the On 3 Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Cartridge and that is a $389 upgrade.

  Each of our GT series turbochargers you are looking at are listed up with the Journal bearing CHRA and will come standard with the traditional T3 4 bolt inlet and 3" 4 bolt outlet exhaust housing. Should you decide that you want to upgrade, you can select in our optional upgrade section.   Included Standard (Turbo B In Photo): - On 3 Performance GT35 61mm Turbocharger - Compact Cover Compressor Housing, 3" inlet / 2" outlet - Exhaust housing: T3 Traditional 4 Bolt w/ 4 Bolt 3" outlet   Should you want any of the optional items show, you must select in the drop down menu or leave us a message when ordering and we can contact you if you are not certain. Easier to make sure your selecting the correct model now than having to return and deal with that process.   Turbo Specs

Cold Side: 

Compressor Wheel: Inducer 61mm 3.0" Inlet and 2.0" Compressor Outlet

Inducer- 61.5mm

Exducer- 82.5mm  

Exhaust Side:

  Exhaust Housing T-3 Flange - Undivided Available in 2 A/R sizes -.63 Standard / .82 is 3" vbanded exit ($40 upgrade fee) 3.0" 4 bolt outlet (standard .63ar)

Inducer-  67.5mm Exducer- 63.5mm      

Do you have a hurt GT3582 from Garrett? Look no further and this is a drop in replacement for you. Verify your unit is the same spec from the wheel info above and this can save you $100's instead of have to purchase a new CHRA directly.

  Recommend Turbo Feed and Drain: To ensure the longevity of your turbocharger, we normally run 1/8" feed and a 5/8" return. This is very important and without this properly sized, you can cause damage to the product.  

Shipping: Free to the lower 48 US states and email prior to buying if you are outside so we can run a shipping quote. When processing your order, YOU MUST HAVE MATCHING BILLING AND SHIPPING TO THE CREDIT CARD!!! If you do not, the order will fail and will not be processed   Ohio Residents: All Ohio residents are subject to 7.50% sales tax