Oil Scavenge Pump 12V - Bronze Gear

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On 3 Performance's New Oil Scavenge Pump


This is a brand new in the box, On 3 scavenge pump for your low mounted turbo system. The pump features a stainless shaft and bronze gears which are a must. Some pumps on the market run rubber internals which have no chance to withstand the heat and breakdown with the oil as they are designed for water. This unit is self-priming and designed to be used with 1/2" or 5/8" hose. We include both a set of 1/2" brass hose barbs and our own custom machined billet 5/8" hose barbs which are then anodized black.

One great feature we personally like about running a scavenge pump is that you really do not have to tap into the oil pan to return the oil. Since you're pumping the oil now and not graviting draining, you can run the return line directly into the oil fill cap or valve cover. Often times on turbo application you have to tap the pan and it's not possible to remove from the car. Leaving a possibility of metal shavings in the crank case and no way to clean them out. Even on systems that are able to gravity drain, this is a possibility to avoid tapping the oil pan.


1- On 3 Performance Oil Scavenge Pump Standard BLACK Pump NOT Carbon like photographed

2- 1/2" Brass Hose Barbs

2- 5/8" Billet Machined Custom Hose Barbs

Running the external pumps, there is noise associated with this. It's a gear pump so it's going to whine, and I compare it similar to the external large fuel pumps. Depending on the application, exhaust your running, etc., you will hear the pump running