SHORT Stainless Steel Element Urathane Premium Air Filter - AF3

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  • Type Air Filters
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU AF3

If you are looking for a compact element that is one of the nicest you will find on the market, this is for you. Complete SS mesh element and designed to be ran oil-less. Simple cleaning with air and will last the time you own your vehicle. Don't cheap out and get a filter that gets pulled into your turbocharger, we see this too much. You can shop quality on air filters all over the place and you will not find a better unit than we offer. These are not cheap because they are made to handle a turbocharged application. What happens when you cheap out? Your filter will fall apart from the inside, parts go into your turbo and cost your BIG MONEY in the end. Do not cheap out on this part, I promise you, it will cost you money and we see it happen all the time