T4 Series Oil Feed / Drain Plate Kit COMPLETE

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  • Type Oil Feed / Drain Plate Kits
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU OFD T4 Complete

This is the proper oil feed and drain setup for our On 3 Performance line of turbochargers (t4). This is what you would want if you are seeking a feed / drain system to go with your On3 61, 70, 76, 0r 78mm journal bearing turbocharger. If you are running one of our premium upgraded On3 ceramic ball bearing units, you will need to upgrade the feed plate to the restrictor unit which cuts down the oil flow (REQUIRED). The fittings are configured so that you would have a -4an fitting coming into the turbo for the feed and a 5/8" drain hose. That will keep the turbo properly lubricated and draining, anything different is not recommended and this is the time proven and tested solution you will need 


1/8" NPT Feed Inlet

8an ORB Drain Outlet

3/8" NPT to 5/8" Drain PAN Fitting