Dual 340lph Fuel Pump Assembly

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  • Type Fuel Pumps
  • Vendor On3 Performance
  • SKU DPA320

After working with many cars and attempting to retro-fit multiple pumps into a fuel tank, it was clear there needed to be a solution. Goodyear sells hose they "Claim" is submersible and designed for in-tank usage. We have ended up stranded and needing to be towed home 2 different occasions using that fuel hose within a few months. At that point the wheels started turning and ideas were coming to us for a new product. The idea was to eliminate the need for the hose sections and only need one short amount to extend from the pump assembly to the factory fuel hat. We primarily ran into this issue with the 1500 / 2500 truck fuel pump upgrades. So this is ideal for the guys running our system and wanting to add twin pumps and have the most trick setup on the market for the application. Keep in mind though, this is a completely universal setup, if your modifying a tank or just needing to retro-fit a set of pumps into your application, review our measurements to see if it will work. What we did is designed an assembly that will hold the pumps in place and then designed a billet merge block that is 0-ringed and designed to slip directly onto the On 3 Performance 340lph (e-85 safe) fuel pumps. This way there is no fuel hose needed, clamps to come loose, hose to rupture, etc. We have bench tested at 60psi base pressure as well as with our shop truck and its flawless. This is as simple as it gets and eliminates all the issues that people face when doing a dual pump assembly. We all know how much fun it is to dig around in a fuel tank to upgrade the pump. None of us want to do it multiple times or get stranded due to faulty items. This is the simple solution so that you do it once and you do it the right way. There isn't anything else like it available on the market and you will save yourself a lot of time and headaches by using this proven fuel assembly.