LSX Up & Forward Headers

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  • Type Exhaust, Headers
  • Vendor On3 Performance
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On 3 Performance's Universal LSX Up and Forward Turbo Headers

This is a brand new in the box, On 3Performance UP and Forward turbo headers. Currently in stock and shipping out daily. We are going to have 2 versions of these headers. This auction is for our economy version which is pretty similar to whats currently on the market now. Its a 1.4mm wall 304 stainless with 1 7/8" header primaries that merge into 3" collectors. We will also be doing a premium upgrade which is going to be a thicker 2.75mm seamless wall that will retail at $429. This header selection is the cream of the crop, each header on the premium upgrade is 15.6lbs. For reference, this thinner wall economy header kit SET is ~15lbs. There is over 2x the material weight. Truly worth the upgrade and when spending the time and money on your build, highly consider the upgrade We stock a number of build parts as well like turbochargers, wastgegates, blow off valves, intercoolers that we can also put together as a package for you. If you need anything else, let us know. We have a On3 70mm turbo package including all the above for $669  

This item includes:

1 set of Tubular Turbo Headers as shown, Standard 1.4mm Wall Economy Header set


We keep these in stock and we can have them out in most cases within 24 hours of the order assuming its a typical business day Monday Thursday. Orders placed Friday will ship the next business day.