6466 Billet Wheel T4 V-Band Turbocharger -Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing

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  • Type Turbochargers
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On3 Performance

64/66 CNC BILLET WHEEL Turbocharger

HP Range: �500-950hp

This is a brand new release turbocharger and one of our new premium line turbochargers. We are working hard to bring better quality to the market for less of your hard earned money. With this new 2nd Generation line, each of these models will come standard with our new CNC Billet compressor wheel. Now the only selection you will need to make is your bearing structure. Each of these units will come with our journal bearing configuration, you can select to opt for the dual ceramic ball bearing if you choose. 

 Compressor Specifications: Inducer: 63.80mm Exducer: 82.64mm Extended Tip: 86.30mm Compressor Inlet: 4" slip fit Compressor Outlet: 2.5" slip fit

Turbine Specifications: Inducer: 74mm Exducer: 66.10mm A/R: 0.68 Turbine Inlet Flange: 2.25 V-Band Turbine Outlet Flange: 3.0 V-Band 

** Recommended for 1.8L-6.0L **