C7 Port Injection Kit

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Additional 0-100PSI Sensors
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On3 Performance 

C7 Port Injection Kit


      We are proud to introduce our new On3 Performance C7 Port injection Solution. The Plug and Play port injection solution is made as simple as possible, this harness is designed to work in counterpart with your stock ECU and harness, made to run a Holley Dominator ECU that runs alongside the stock Ecu controlling a secondary set of 8 port injectors to increase the overall fueling capacity. This is essential for reliable horsepower on cars using high ethanol content, aftermarket blowers, twin turbo, or Centrifugal blowers. This fits ALL GM V8 direct injection equipped vehicles from 2014+. Below we list upgrades available. This kit will include a stainless 3.5 bar map, however the harness has provisions and capability to do much more. We leave options below for additional sensors, these can be added for Dome Pressure, Coolant Pressure, Meth Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Etc. The possibilities are endless with the Dominator. The Dominator can also control boost on a turbo application, if you want it to do this, you will need to check the dome pressure sensor and boost solenoids in the options section. We used this kit with our newest C7 Bottom Mount twin turbo design, producing 1000hp with ease. Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding this kit and also for any of your Holley needs. We opted to use the BTR Trinity Intake on the turbo design, I have left this as an upgrade option for you guys as well. The BTR Intake performs amazing with boost while not breaking the bank!

**This product will come with a complete installation guide**

Fits these Engines:

  • L83
  • L84
  • L86
  • L87
  • LT1
  • LT2
  • LT4
  • LT5


Kit Includes:

  • Holley Dominator ECU
  • Holley Programing Cable
  • Bosch O2 Sensor *upgrade options available*
  • On3 Performance Custom Harness
  • On3 Performance Custom Ecu Bracket- **currently on back order**
  • On3 Performance Stainless 3.5 Bar Map Sensor
  • GM IAT Sensor
  • Full Installation Guide