On 3 Performance 44mm Compact Wastegate Springs

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  • Type Wastegates
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On3 Performance

Compact 44mm Wastegate pack


If your wastegate does not look like the one in the photo, these springs will not work for you. We have a separate listing for the springs for the standard 44mm wastegate. Link is at the bottom of the page for standard wastegate springs.

     This is a three spring pack for the On 3 Performance Compact gate. This allows various options for boost levels. These can be stacked together to add spring pressure. The compact gates come with two springs inside, totaling to 7.5lbs of boost together. It is important to have the correct base spring pressure so that you can achieve the boost number you're after. For the guys running spring pressure only the target boost will be simple. Put in the springs as suggested to achieve the boost level you want. For guys running a boost controller, you can typically only double the spring pressure. So if your goal is to make 20lbs of boost and you are not using c02 with a regulator then you would need 10lbs worth of spring. Below I will list the spring ratings. Keep in mind, gate placement, back pressure, engine size, turbo size and even ignition timing all has a factor in how much boost the vehicle is making, regardless of the spring you have installed. So this chart may not be exact to your application in some scenarios.  You will see there's a lot of different options when you start mixing and matching springs with this spring pack. This allows for fine tuning.

         Installation: When installing these springs, make sure the springs you are mixing together, fit inside one another. Never in any case should the springs be stacked on top of each other or on a bind in anyway. This could lead to the gate not open. This will cause a severe over-boost condition.

  The Raw Springs I am listing come in the compact gates when purchased new.

Green Spring= 8psi

Yellow Spring= 4psi

Red Spring= 3psi

Green spring, Medium Raw, Small Raw= 14psi

Green spring, Medium Raw= 12psi

Green Spring, Small Raw= 10psi

Green Spring, Red Spring= 11psi

Green Spring, Yellow Spring=12psi

Green Spring, Yellow Spring, Red Spring=15psi

Green Spring, Yellow Spring, Red Spring, Medium Raw= 19psi 

Red Spring, Yellow Spring=7psi

Red Spring, Yellow Spring, Medium Raw=11psi

Red Spring, Medium Raw=7psi

Yellow Spring, Medium Raw=8psi 

Yellow Spring, Small Raw=6psi 

   Shipping is Free to the lower 48 United States