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On3 Performance Turbo Blankets

This is our longest running turbo blanket and by far the most popular. The On 3 blanket does the job its designed to and that's to cut down heat and withstand the extremes its put through. We literally had a friends car with a custom TT system built for his Vette running our blankets. Lost a fuel line and the car burnt to the ground, the compressor cover was melted off the turbo, clearly there was some heat present.... The blanket was sitting there like it was just installed and minimal signs of heat. You cannot beat the item for the price, cut down under-hood heat and make more power. Save a few bucks when buying as a pair versus individually. 

If you have a T3 turbo or a small frame T4 turbo the ideal size would be the T3 turbo blankets for your turbos. If you have a T4 turbo with a larger exhaust wheel, i.e. 78/75, 76/75 BMF, 84/75, or T4 88 the T4 size would be the best.